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Located in San Jose, California and serving Athletes of the South Bay Area

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Owner: Ron Capurso
Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Performance at San Jose State University
15 year High School Varsity Head Football Coach
4 year Instructor of Speed and Agility to the San Jose State Baseball Team
ATI (Agility Training Institute) Certified ATI Certification Logo

As a long time high school athletic coach and now as a San Jose personal trainer, the goals that
I set for myself are very simple. They are to make completely sure that every single client of mine 
reaches their goals. It could be one of my quarterbacks wanting to become the starting QB for their 
high school team. It might be the youth female athlete wanting and needing to get faster to make their soccer or softball team. It can be an adult fitness client of mine who desperately wants to lose weight  and feel better. I take a great amount of pride in getting to know each of my clients on a personal level and make sure that I am on the same page with them as to where they are currently at and where they  desire to get. From there, I turn on my professionalism full blast and design a plan to get them to their  destination while giving them as much energy and motivation that I have along the way. This is truly my life passion and puts me in an environment where I get to help others achieve their dreams and become the very best version of themselves!


I have known Ron Capurso for a number of years. He personally has trained my baseball team at San Jose State for four years. Not only is Ron knowledgeable about his subject matter, his motivational skills and coaching instincts are tremendous. He has that rare ability to get someone to change their behavior for the better. That is what coaching is all about.

-Sam Piraro, Head Baseball Coach, San Jose State University


I have known Ron Capurso for the past 37 years. In Coach Capurso's current position as a personal trainer he has once again put together a complete package to accomodate any athlete in gaining the competitive advantage that will put them over the top. His approach is holistic, research based and cutting edge. I have coached many CIF qualifiers in my 27 years in public education but I have to say that I have learned from Ron's approach to off-season preparation. As an assistant principal over athletics I would rank Coach Capurso as the best I have seen in setting up teams and athletes for success. If you want to separate yourself from the pack then Coach Capurso's program is something you can't afford to let pass by.

-Tom Ito, Assistant Principal, Camarillo High School


Coach Capurso does an outstanding job with the athletes. As the head coach at Live Oak High I wanted to give our football players a workout different from what they were used to. Coach Capurso went above and beyond what I expected. My players are now faster and in better shape from the workouts they got. Coach motivated our players and coached them up everyday. You can see Coach Capurso's passion for helping and inspiring young athletes. My team wants to thank Coach Capurso for helping make them better athletes. We look forward to working more with Coach Capurso next off season.

-Mike Gemo, Head Football Coach, Live Oak HS



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