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If you are a youth, high school, or collegiate quarterback that wants a challenging training regimen designed to develop all the skills necessary to take your game to the next level, this training is for you!
This detailed program design emphasizes the following:
• Footwork and pass drop mechanics
• Throwing technique
• Understanding pass routes and progressions
• Reading  defensive coverage
• Fundamentals of being an effective leader
  Each session will also consist of flexibility, speed, and agility training designed to improve overall athletic development and be the athletic, versatile quarterback that is so important to be in today's competitive game of football.


All essential wide receiver skills (stance/route running/catching/blocking) will be worked on in great detail. Athleticism training (dynamic warmup/strength/power/speed/agility/mobility) will be worked on as well. This program is ideal for the receiver who wants to be a positive difference maker for his team.


All of the key running back skills (stance, footwork, ball skills, running, cutting, receiving, blocking) will be taught and drilled in detail. This will also include the same athleticism training (dynamic warmup/strength/power/speed/agility/mobility) that is so important to be the type of versatile athlete necessary to have great success.


All important defensive back skills (backpedal, footwork, zone and man coverage technique, pass pattern reads, ball skills, run play recognition, shedding blocks, tackling) will be taught and drilled in detail. This will also include athleticism training (dynamic warmup/strength/power/speed/
agility/mobility) that is so important to be the type of athlete you need to be to play such a physically demanding position.

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Ron has been an incredible motivator and trainer for our sophomore high school son. We sought out Ron several months ago to work with our son on skill development and conditioning for football. With his many years of experience,  Ron brings an incredible commitment and innovative approach to how he trains, taking a “whole athlete” approach to his training. Our son has improved his speed and agility, learned skills to take his game to the next level and has become a stronger competitor. Ron is extremely positive in his approach and connects in a way that he both challenges and brings out the best in those that he trains. 

-Tim F., Parent



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